We fight to survive
Diana, 16, Ireland. Straight, depressed, insecure and alone. This is a depression blog. I don't promote anything. If advice is needed fire away in the ask. Love you all.
I am the type of person that will sit in the bathroom and cry, but then walk out like nothing ever happened.Hanna, Pretty little liars (via soulsscrawl)


i hate those friendships that just end for no reason you just stop talking

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Reblog this and see what you get anon or not.
♂ = i am a boy who has a crush on you
♀ = i am a girl who has a crush on you
✂ = just delete your tumblr already
✌ = you’re awesome
♡ = i love your blog
❁ = you’re beautiful
✓ = i hate you
☹ = you’re ugly
☀ = i want to have sex with you
♬ = i wish we were close
♧ = i wish we were friends in real life
☆ = i relate to a lot of the same things you go through
☮ = you inspire me
just because i'm curious and bored.